Extreme Makeover Doghouse Edition

Meet Olive. She is our 2 year old Olde English Bulldog. 

When it comes to dogs (especially spoiled ones!) things can get expensive, so I am always on the lookout for sales - or better yet - things that are FREE! Some neighbors of ours were moving out, and in the process a “trash” pile began to grow outside of their home. It was my lucky day when I spotted a plastic two-piece dog house. Yes, it was ugly, but it was the right size and in perfect condition! (Minus the cobwebs and dirt.) I immediately had a vision for what it could be, so I went to work! I bought plastic primer spray paint and two colors of regular spray paint. (One for the roof and one for the base.) I absolutely love how it turned out, but most of all, I love the price! The grand total was about $18 worth of spray paint! 

*P.S. I would highly recommend purchasing a spray paint trigger handle! (They range from $3 - $6) I learned my lesson from not using one and experienced a good couple of weeks with numbness in my two fingers! NOT fun!


I hope this gives you some inspiration to see the potential in all things. Almost anything can be made beautiful with some tlc. 

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