Felt Laptop Cases

This summer, my sisters and I decided that we wanted to break away from the typical laptop case - we wanted to make our own! First, we had to think of a material that would be durable enough to hold the weight of a computer and also have enough cushion to protect it. Felt immediately came to mind. Without deciding much else, we set out to gather what we needed. This is what we ended up with:
  • Grey felt
  • Plaid fabric to line inside of case
  • Leather (Small rectangles from Michaels)
  • Snaps
  • Grommets (Optional)
  • Shoulder strap (Optional)

I have to admit that we literally made this project up as we went along and I have no detailed instructions for how to make these cases! We did not use any pattern and all of ours are slightly different. To give you some idea of how we constructed each case, refer to the photos above. (Left to right)
Image 1: Felt
Image 2: Plaid fabric
Image 3: Two layers of felt (for strength), and one layer of the plaid liner. 
Image 4: We cut the inside layer felt and plaid liner slightly smaller than the outermost layer of felt. We then folded the outer layer of felt over top of the other layers and sewed  it down, creating a finished looking trim.
Image 5: Next we all sewed on the leather strap and an extra flap of felt to tuck into the top of the case. This provides extra support for the lap top, so that the leather strap isn’t the only thing holding the computer in. 
*(Not pictured above) Before folding the case in half and sewing up the sides, we hand stitched the decorative leather pieces onto the case. 
Image 6: Lastly, we hammered on the snaps!
Case 1: For a 13 in. Macbook / Case 2: For a 15 in. HP / Case 3: For an ipad 2

I know these instructions are pretty vague, but I would encourage you to still give it a try! I have learned almost everything I know about sewing by trial and error. It is fun to let creativity take control and to not always follow a plan. Be brave and experiment!

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