Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Thanksgiving is almost here and it has taken EVERYTHING in me to refrain from putting up Christmas decorations, so, while I am counting down the days until I can (4 to be exact!), I wanted to share some Christmas tree ornaments that I made last year! 
For the pinecone ornaments, I had to venture deep into the wilderness to collect my stash... no... not really. Luckily, my college campus is covered with huge pine trees, so I simply picked them up off the ground as I walked to class! After making sure there were no hiding spiders inside and all of the dirt was cleaned off, I took a paintbrush, with some white paint, and lightly brushed the outside of the pinecone. I decided to paint some and leave some natural. Next, I took some beautiful red velvet ribbon (purchased at Michaels - on sale!) and then hot glued the ribbon to the top! Ta Da! I love them!

Here is how I made these cute paper ornaments!
  1. Use old sheets of music, or find some images online and print them out! I chose to use Christmas Carols to be festive. 
  2. Cut out any shape you’d like. I chose to use star-like shapes. 
  3. (Optional) Next I hand stitched some designs onto the shapes. 
  4. Take two of the same shape and stitch them together. (Printed side out)
  5. When both shapes are almost completely stitched together, shove some crumpled up paper (or a cotton ball) into the center. This gives the ornament some dimension. 
  6. Attach a ribbon or hook to the top and hang!

I hope this holiday season is filled with happiness and love for all! Best of luck with the decorating! =)

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