Jewelry Tree

  • Wood base
  • Branch
  • Drill 
  • Wood glue
  • Cut the wood base to size if needed. 
  • Drill a hole, the size of the branch being used, into the base.  
  • Put a few drops of wood or craft glue into the hole before placing the branch inside. 
  • Paint or stain if desired! 

Every Christmas it is a tradition in my family for all of us cousins to make homemade gifts for each other. This began partly because of budget - there are 11 of us total - and partly because homemade gifts are just more special! We all draw names, so each person makes one gift for another. This year I drew my cousin, Ashley's name and decided to make her this jewelry tree! (*She will be away in Germany this Christmas, with her boyfriend, so don't worry, she has already opened my gift!)

I also made her this necklace as part of my gift!

If you would like to add a fun and special tradition to your family, draw names and make some homemade gifts! 


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