Gettin' a Move On It!

Well, the time has finally come for our things to be packed up and shipped overseas to Honolulu! The moving company came just a couple of days after Christmas and our belongings should arrive at our new apartment in about 3 weeks. We have booked our flights for January 14th, so the two week countdown has officially begun! I will try my best to get back to a normal posting schedule once we are settled, but until then, please be patient with me. Thanks for checking in! 



Mele Kalikimaka!

Wow! I can't believe it has been over a month since I've visited this space... My husband, Josh, and I have been very busy, not only with the holidays, but also preparing for our move to Oahu in January! We could not be more excited! Things are really beginning to fall into place and it is starting to hit me that THIS IS REAL. 

The past few months have been full of decisions for the move. A given was that we were going to be bringing our dog, Olive. This meant that we had A LOT to do for her in a short time. Hawaii is a rabies-free state (and would like to continue to be) so over the course of 40 days Olive needed a few updated vaccinations, was microchipped, and had a blood test done. 5-6 weeks later we were informed that Hawaii had received her blood work and she had passed the test!!! Her allowed entry date is January 19, 2013! As you can see below, we have been trying to get her as used to her travel crate as possible before the flight! 

A few days after Thanksgiving, Josh made a trip over to begin looking for a place for us to live.  

I was left here checking Craigslist every 5 minutes, with no luck, while he was over there feeling equally discouraged about finding a safe AND dog friendly apartment. I love Olive, but she has definitely made this move a little more difficult. =) 

With only a couple of days to spare, he successfully found us a place!!! It is in the city... an idea that I'll admit had to grow on me... but is safe, dog friendly, will allow us to get around easily without the need of a car, and is 5 minutes walking distance from the beach! It is a studio... another idea that had to grow on me... but has a huge (compared to other places seen) lanai for Olive and us to lounge and eat our meals on! 

We are so relieved to have these major things taken care of and are ready to face the remaining challenges in front of us... like shipping our stuff?!? I know everything will work out - it has so far. We are so thankful to the many people who have helped and supported us along this journey and can't wait to see what this next adventure holds! 

The next month and a half will be equally busy, if not busier, than the past few. We will be soaking in the Christmas season and spending as much time as we can with our families before we leave. I hope you, too, can enjoy this special time of year with the ones that you love!

Mele Kalikimaka!


Laundry Room Redesign!

I can't believe I forgot to post about my parents new laundry room! Back in August, I took the opportunity to redesign their laundry room while they were away for the weekend visiting family. There wasn't much that needed to be done - just a little painting and reorganizing! The best part is that I kept this redesign under $150.00!

Here are some BEFORE pictures...

Ready for the AFTER???

I am so pleased with how it turned out - and so are they!!! I can't wait to start working on my own place soon! 


Halloween 2012!

Well, very last minute, my husband and I decided to dress in 'Hawaiian' costumes. We even threw a lei on our bulldog! Our inspiration was due to the fact that we are moving there (to Oahu) in January 2013! We had fun at a fall festival running game booths and passing out candy. There were so many adorable kid costumes out there! (Of course, my favorites were the DIY/handmade ones!) Hoping everyone had a fun filled Halloween!

What were you for Halloween???


Right now I am...

Right now I am...

smelling chili and corn bread cooking in the kitchen.

wanting to eat it soon!

wondering where this month of October went? I can't believe it is already Halloween!

loving that the whole house has an orange glow about it, with all these decorations!

laughing at the fact that even though we are suppose to be "adults", my husband and I have halloween pillowcases on our bed. =)

enjoying these last couple of months living with my parents, brother, and sister.

counting down the days until we move to Hawaii!

marveling at the fact that we are REALLY moving to Hawaii!

feeling less scared, and more excited, about our big move these days.

appreciating my husband for being so patient with me ALL THE TIME. He is the one who has calmed my fears.

squeezing my chubby puppy. Jeez, I just love her.

reminding myself over, and over, that her journey on the plane will go just fine... 

looking forward to seeing all the kids in their costumes at "Trunk-or-Treat" tonight! 

deciding if I am going to dress up or not... I don't have much time! 

wishing everyone a safe, but spooky Halloween!!! 


- Inspired by Soule Mama - 


- Roasted Pumpkin Seeds -

This year, after carving our Halloween pumpkins, I wanted to put the seeds to good use, so I decided to roast them in just a few easy steps! 


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

These roasted pumpkin seeds are so salty and delicious! I will be happily munching on these for next few days! 



A Time for Pumpkins!

It's officially pumpkin carving time! With Halloween just a few days away, we got out the knives and spoons and let our creativity take over! Of course, I had a very precise plan... I wanted to use the drill and put holes, ranging from large to small, around my pumpkin. Sounds easy right? WRONG! I will simply let the pictures tell the story.

Olive tried to carve a pumpkin with her teeth!

Me and my husband hard at work!

My mom, sister, & brother!

Here comes the drill!

This was not what I had planned... =(

Back up plan...

*Tip* Add vaseline to the cut areas and
your jack-o-lantern will last longer!

All finished! I decided to turn my "mess-up" holes
into a face after all. =)

Happy (almost) Halloween to you all! 


Festive Cloth Napkins!

I am proud to say that my husband and I have been using cloth napkins, instead of buying paper ones, for 1 year strong! I've also rubbed off on my parents and now they are using cloth napkins! It really doesn't seem like a sacrifice at all... it actually has more pros than cons, in my opinion. I love them so much in fact, that I made a set for a friend of mine when she got married! =) I hope she likes them as much as I do! 

Now, because I am a weirdo when it comes to things matching in my house, I decided that I needed to make some cloth napkins to go along with the fall season and this is what I came up with! I like this fabric because it works for Halloween, but can also be carried out through Thanksgiving. 

Unlike traditional cloth napkins, which are large and meant to be used on your lap, I make mine the size of a typical paper napkin that you would buy at the store. I like this size much better, plus they look adorable in a napkin holder! 

They are so simple to make, will last years, and are just plain cuter than paper napkins! Now I'm already thinking about Christmas... Guess I better get to the fabric store! =) 

Check out my tutorial post from last October if you are interested in making your own! (*For these new napkins I have changed the size to be 1 inch bigger - 7 in. x 7 in. instead of the original 6 in. x 6 in.)



A Couple of Rescued Barstools

Since I have been back in northern California with my parents, we have made a lot of changes to their home! We even did a laundry room makeover, which I can't wait to show in my next post! But first, I want to show you a small change we made in the kitchen.

My mom had been wanting a couple of barstools for a while. She had looked in stores and online and was surprised at how expensive a couple of barstools could be! HOWEVER, last week while I was out with my husband "thrift store shopping" for halloween costumes I spotted these!

I was SO excited! They were pretty close to what my mom had been looking at... and they were $15.00 each! You can't beat that! We knew that with a little added touch of some sandpaper we could get them looking fabulous! 

We brought them home and got to work scuffing them up!

With just a little elbow grease this is what we ended up with! I love them! 

 Before & After

Happy scuffing to you!


A New Lease on Life!

Meet my mom's old spice rack.

This little cabinet has been around as long as I can remember. This summer, though, my mom decided that it either needed to find a new home or get a makeover. I love the challenge of giving something old a new lease on life, so it was a makeover vote from me!

My mom and I set out to get the materials that we were going to need, which really wasn't much!

We decided on this red paint (in Barnyard Red) and this white crackle paint craft paper as the new wallpaper!

With a little bit of time and work, this is what we ended up with... and I am IN LOVE with it. =) It makes my heart happy to know that this little spice rack might now be in my parents' kitchen for another 20+ years!