A Change for the Better: 1

Food Storage
I have wanted to make the change from plastic food storage containers to glass ones for a while now, but just never got around to doing it - until I read more about all of the reasons why one should! Plastic, although it seems durable and easy to care for, can do some real harm if not handled correctly. Never use scratched plastic, always wash by hand - not in the dishwasher, NEVER microwave (and keep in mind that when an item says “microwave safe” it means for the container - NOT YOU), do not store hot foods, acidic foods, or foods with a high fat or oil content in plastic - these encourage the leaching of chemicals. Does that sound easy and durable to you? SO, I was easily convinced that I should no longer be storing my food in plastic and immediately set out to buy some glass containers! Of course, being on a strict budget, I was pleasantly surprised to find this set of 9 glass containers and 9 snap lock lids for $29.99 at Costco! I did some research online and this was, by far, the best deal around!

Goodbye poisonous plastic, hello glass! 

Besides the fact that these glass containers are better for me and my food, they also do not stain, are easier to wash, and are... well... prettier too! Let me know if you have, or want, to make the switch from plastic to glass and your reasons why! 


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