A Change for the Better: 3

Toothpaste & Toothbrushes

One evening, as I was brushing my teeth, I decided to take a look at the ingredients that I have been putting in my mouth every day - two times a day. Most of them I couldn't pronounce or understand why they even needed to be in my toothpaste. The biggest red flag, though, was the "poison warning" listed on the tube. This got me thinking - even if we aren't swallowing our toothpaste, why are we taking the risk of putting something potentially dangerous in our mouths? Or even worse, in our kid's mouths? Surely some of it is absorbed and swallowed.

- Used in poisons such as rat and cockroach poisons.
- Has never been approved by the FDA.
- 4 ounces of most toothpaste contains enough fluoride to kill a small child.

- Used in pesticides.
- Classified as a dangerous chemical by the EPA.
- Is a hormone disrupter and accumulates in the body with each use. 

There are many other toothpaste ingredients with similar harmful effects. So what is the solution? I found this natural toothpaste by Nature's Gate. Its ingredients are listed below.

My husband and I have been using this toothpaste for about a month now and have been really happy with its results. It seems to clean the teeth and freshen breath just as well as the "bad stuff." The best part??? There is NO WARNING needed. All ingredients are natural and safe - even if swallowed. 

If this information was enough to get you thinking about your tooth brushing routine, I would encourage you to try switching to a natural brand. I sure am glad that I did! =) 

P.S. We also switched our toothbrushes to the (shown above) Preserve recycled toothbrushes. They are made of recycled plastic in the U.S.A. and are BPA free!

Happy and healthy tooth brushing to you!

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