Handmade Pasta Necklace! (For Grown Ups!)

Recently, I have fallen in love with all-things chevron striped, whether it be wall art, clothing, jewelry, rugs... the list could go on and on. So, this evening, as I was doing some last minute grocery shopping, I came across the pasta isle and the idea of a "chevron inspired" necklace hit me! See? You can be inspired by anything, wherever you are, as long as your eyes are open! 

Materials Needed:
- Penne Rigate Pasta
- Paint (Colors of your choosing) 
- String (I used butcher string - it comes in handy for SO MUCH!)
- Hot Glue Gun

Colors Used: Yellow Gold, Black (Chalkboard was the only black I had, but it worked!), & Geranium.

I experimented a lot with this, so I did not take step-by-step pictures. Sorry! You can do this however you'd like - there are no rules! First, I painted the pasta and set it aside to dry. Next, I chose to braid the string to give it some extra thickness. After threading the black pasta noodles onto the longest strand, I then threaded  the gold pasta onto a shorter strand, and the coral pasta onto an even shorter strand. To join all strands, I simply decided the spacing of each layer and then tied a single string around all three strands and cut off the extra. (*This is where you can see the knot half way up the necklace.) Lastly, I hot glued the two noodles together at the tip, so that they would keep their "V" shape. 

I think, for a necklace made of pasta, it turned out really cute! I just might have to make a few more in different colors! Let me know if you give this one a try! 

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