Inspirational "Homemade" Art

Recently, my walls have been in need of some new art and I have been in need of some inspiration. The problem? My wallet is also in need. So, because of my small budget, I had to get crafty! The cheapest and easiest solution I could come up with was to make and print my own art! 

1. I found a couple of quotes online that I wanted to use. (I do not take credit for coming up with them.)
2. I opened a Word Document, picked my desired size, color and font, and then typed in each quote. 
3. For the "Today is..." picture, I chose to leave the background white. For the "Work hard..." picture, I googled "Chevron Stripe" images and simply copied the image into the document, making it the background. 
4. I printed!
5. I framed! 

Just as easy as that, I have some new and practically free art! This year I am trying to remember that happiness is a choice! Each time I look at these frames, I am reminded of that. =) 


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