A Change for the Better: 4

Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner

Well, I have been making these changes as I go... not just throwing out everything that I already had, but instead replacing what I had, when it's gone, with the better option. I had been using the Clorox brand "Green Works", which is a lot better than the "bad stuff", but when taking a closer look, I read that only 97% of it's ingredients are naturally derived. Why?!? Why must they ruin it by adding 3% of artificial dyes or perfumes or whatever it is they are putting in there? I am sure that there are other brands out there that claim to be 100% natural, but I decided to try and make my own. Not only will I know for sure what is in the bottle, but it will also save me some money! That's always nice. I'm pretty sure I used the most basic recipe there is - water and vinegar. There is another one I'd like to try, so I am on the hunt for "washing soda." (The one ingredient I didn't have.) 

I'm excited to see how this works! The lemon juice is optional, I just added it for smell. Happy and healthy cleaning to you!

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