A Change for the Better: 5

Makeup Makeover!

I have never been one to own expensive makeup - or a lot of makeup for that fact. I have always used the basics: foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow (usually the same color every day), eye liner, mascara and lipgloss. Even though I don't invest in high quality products, I do like wearing makeup, and wouldn't leave the house without at least some on. So, with all of these changes that I have been making, I couldn't avoid the subject of makeup. This is something that I am putting on my face, my eyes, my lips... everyday! I knew that whatever was in my current makeup products wasn't good.... so I began the search for something that was. Like always, I am on a budget and can't afford to spend a fortune on high quality natural makeup, so while searching "cheap natural makeup", I came across Physicians Formula's Organics Wear line. I believe they are the only drug store brand that offers truly natural makeup. After reading about their products and watching a few YouTube reviews, I was convinced to give this brand a try. Lucky for me, when I went out to purchase the makeup almost everything was on sale! I will admit that some things were difficult to find and the eyeliner I ended up having to order online. All other items I found at Target and Rite-Aid. 

My makeup bag might look dirty, but I gave it a good wipe-down and washed all of my brushes with a natural soap. 

It might seem crazy to makeup lovers that this is all I use now, but I am willing to sacrifice having a lot of stuff that is bad for me, for having a little that is good for me. I have been really happy with the quality of the Organic Wear, and am so happy that I made this switch! (*I am still on the hunt for eye shadow and lipstick/lipgloss) 

Here's to health and beauty!

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