Addicted to Sprouting!

Well, I've developed a new addiction - but one that is good for me! My husband and I have always loved sprouts - alfalfa, broccoli, onion, and many more - and agree that a sandwich just isn't a sandwich without them. Although they aren't necessarily expensive, we knew growing our own would save a little money, plus, it would just be WAY more fun! So, we hit up our local health food store, bought some organic alfalfa and broccoli seeds, watched a couple of YouTube videos on "how to sprout" and off we went!

Day (or night) 1: Soak 2 Tbsp seeds in water for 8 hours or over night.

Day 2: Drain the water out of the jar, rinse, then drain again. Shake the seeds so that they are spread out evenly in the jar. Place at a diagonal to keep draining. Repeat the "rinse and drain" every 8 hours (or so). 

Day 3: Continue to rinse and drain. The seeds should have little tails by now!

Day 5: Still rinsing and draining... still growing!

Day 6: Dump the sprouts into a bowl of water and mix around so that the hulls float to the top. Use a spoon (unless you know of a better way!) to scoop them out of the bowl. That's it! They're done!

The broccoli sprouts are my favorite of the two. They are SO yummy! I am on a schedule (lets just see if I can stick to it) to start a new batch every Sunday, so I will have new sprouts every Friday! 

I hope you will give sprouting a try! They will change your sandwich world! =) 

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