A Change for the Better: 6

Soap Nuts!

This is a really exciting change for me! A few weeks ago, I began running low on my normal liquid laundry detergent and knew that this needed to be my next area of change. I hopped on the computer and started doing some research on natural laundry soaps. One of the first things that came up were "Soap Nuts". I had NEVER heard of these before and was quite intrigued! One thing led to another and I ended up watching a YouTube review by a woman who had been using these soap nuts and was doing a giveaway! (Sponsored by the company Greener Living) I usually never try for things like this, but this time I thought "why not?" Long story short, WE WON! I couldn't believe it! About a week and a half later, this showed up at my door for FREE!

The soap nuts come in two different forms: the nuts & liquid. I won the liquid version, but will be purchasing the nuts after I run out of this. (I believe the nuts are a bit less expensive and can be boiled down to liquid form if desired.) 

Something that was a huge change from the beginning was the amount of detergent needed. I was using about 4 oz. per load of my old liquid laundry detergent and am now using 1 oz. per load of my liquid Soap Nut detergent! (HE washers only need 1/2 oz.!) *We also use a bit of Borax as a natural laundry booster. 

One benefit to the liquid version of the soap nuts is that it has so many uses! Here are a few examples:
- All Purpose Cleaner
- Glass Cleaner
- Shampoo (for people & pets!)
- Insect & Mosquito Repellant
- Jewelry

Above is the nut form that I will be ordering in the future! There are many other brands to choose from, but I am really happy so far with Greener Living. They are even in the process of changing their packaging to being plastic free! 

Well, I'm off to do some more laundry! =) 

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