Step Into My Garden.

A little over a month ago, my husband and I decided we wanted to start a garden, but there was one major problem - we had absolutely no space for one. Our courtyard is all stamped concrete... and too small to build a raised bed. (Not to mention we are renting, so building something wasn't really an option.) BUT we were in luck! A graduate from our university had started a "secret garden" in a little hidden corner of our campus about a year ago, and since graduating last Spring, it had been pretty much abandoned. We were lucky to find out about this little plot and were more than happy to give it a little TLC to get it back up and running! 

My husband mixing the compost into the soil!

While we were preparing the garden - clearing the grass & weeds, adding compost to the soil, and waiting for the weather to warm up a bit - we decided to get a little head-start at home! We set out to get our seeds and also purchased this seed starter. It was a great choice and worked perfectly to get our little veggies growing at home! An added bonus was that we were able to bring it in at night, since it was still pretty cold.

We planted tomatoes, carrots, green beans, and snap beans!

Look at them grow! This was only 9 days after planting!

Once everything was big and strong enough to survive the outdoors, (We might have been a bit too overprotective and worried. Ha!) we loaded them up in the car and headed to their new home!

Ready to be separated and put in the ground!
Snap beans! I can't wait to eat these!
Getting my hands dirty!
Our homemade trellis for our snap beans!
Just 3 pieces of wood and string!
Since planting this garden, it has become a great little "retreat" for me between classes. I could spend hours there - doing who knows what - but it is so quiet and relaxing. I water, pluck at things that shouldn't be there, trim leaves, and stare. =) For now, this is just a start. We both dream of a much bigger garden - on our own land, of course - but for now, we are happy to start small and learn as we go! 

Now we just wait... to eat! 

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