A Change for the Better: 7

Zero Waste.

To state it bluntly - this is a BIG one. 
Through this “Change for the Better” series, I have been able to adjust slightly, learn a new way of doing something, and then continue living my life normally. Example: Changing the type of laundry detergent I use doesn’t alter the way I live my life. However, this one does - big time. 
Before any of you begin to roll your eyes and think to yourself that this is a complete waste of time and effort, take a moment to open your mind and reflect on ways (even if they’re small) that you can apply this concept to your home. Baby steps - that’s all I’m asking. =) 
Zero Waste will probably become a category all it’s own on this blog - there is just too much to share in one post. Plus, I want to present this idea in a way that makes it all seem doable, because it IS! These entries will map my quest to reach zero waste (or very very little waste). I am so excited for this journey and can feel my creative juices already flowing! I am excited to learn a new way of living - living with less and using all that I have. (The average household only uses 20% of it’s “stuff.” The other 80% just sits around untouched.) 
Okay, enough blabbing... here is change #1.

(Be sure your jug is BPA free!)

I feel like the first - and most basic - tip that I can give about reducing waste is to STOP using disposable plastic water bottles and switch to a reusable one. I started doing this a few months ago, not to reduce waste, but because of the harms of plastic in general. Even if you don’t care about your waste, you should care about your health, so maybe that can be a motivation? My husband and I have found this change to be a very easy one. We have a 5 gallon jug that we refill about every 2-3 weeks (for only $1.25!), a water dispenser in our fridge, and reusable glass water bottles. The best part - there is no need to go out and spend a ton of money on a fancy reusable water bottle. Simply treat yourself to a lemonade (in glass!), peel off the sticker, and viola!

I hope you, too, choose to take on this water challenge! I'd love to hear from you if you do! 

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