A Dress Made by ME!

In 7th grade I took my very first sewing class from a woman named Mrs. O. I learned a lot from her - enough to get me this far at least. =) We learned to hand stitch and use the machines. Our big project was to make "pillow letters" that spelled our names. I remember that I picked a blue and yellow fabric with cows jumping over the moon... WHAT was I thinking??? Haha. Although I knew the basics of sewing pretty well, I wanted to know more. 

This semester of college (my last!) I needed to fill in some extra units, so I took the opportunity to join an Apparel Construction class! I'm so glad I did, because I have learned so much more than I knew before! The requirement of the class is to construct two garments - one knit and one woven. This maxi dress is my knit and I LOVE it! 

Cutting out the pieces!

Trying on the bodice and hoping it will fit!

I finished!

I LOVE that this dress has pockets!

Ready to be worn! Now the weather
just needs to warm up!

I have started work on my second garment - a high/low dress in a mustard yellow printed fabric! Wish me luck, because this one is a bit more difficult!



  1. Cute dress! This inspires me to fire up the sewing machine to make myself a sweet summer dress