A Time for Pumpkins!

It's officially pumpkin carving time! With Halloween just a few days away, we got out the knives and spoons and let our creativity take over! Of course, I had a very precise plan... I wanted to use the drill and put holes, ranging from large to small, around my pumpkin. Sounds easy right? WRONG! I will simply let the pictures tell the story.

Olive tried to carve a pumpkin with her teeth!

Me and my husband hard at work!

My mom, sister, & brother!

Here comes the drill!

This was not what I had planned... =(

Back up plan...

*Tip* Add vaseline to the cut areas and
your jack-o-lantern will last longer!

All finished! I decided to turn my "mess-up" holes
into a face after all. =)

Happy (almost) Halloween to you all! 

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