Right now I am...

Right now I am...

smelling chili and corn bread cooking in the kitchen.

wanting to eat it soon!

wondering where this month of October went? I can't believe it is already Halloween!

loving that the whole house has an orange glow about it, with all these decorations!

laughing at the fact that even though we are suppose to be "adults", my husband and I have halloween pillowcases on our bed. =)

enjoying these last couple of months living with my parents, brother, and sister.

counting down the days until we move to Hawaii!

marveling at the fact that we are REALLY moving to Hawaii!

feeling less scared, and more excited, about our big move these days.

appreciating my husband for being so patient with me ALL THE TIME. He is the one who has calmed my fears.

squeezing my chubby puppy. Jeez, I just love her.

reminding myself over, and over, that her journey on the plane will go just fine... 

looking forward to seeing all the kids in their costumes at "Trunk-or-Treat" tonight! 

deciding if I am going to dress up or not... I don't have much time! 

wishing everyone a safe, but spooky Halloween!!! 


- Inspired by Soule Mama - 

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