Is it too Early for Some Spring Cleaning?!?

What do I choose to do on my day off? ORGANIZE! When we moved into our apartment I tried to be thoughtful about where things were placed, but there were a few cabinets and drawers that just didn't get the time and love that they needed. After opening those drawers and {forcing} them closed over and over I decided "enough was enough!" 

First, I tackled the bathroom sink cabinet. Our bathroom has very little storage and I was not making the best of what we do have. Our clean towels had been sitting {shamefully} folded on top of our dresser, simply because I didn't know where to put them! 

Next, I tackled the two drawers in our "hallway" desk. This involved throwing away a bunch of junk mail and other miscellaneous papers. 

Whew! Much better! =) Do you like to organize? Show me your pictures on instagram! #allthingshomespun 



Hawaii Apartment Tour!

Hello! February has been a busy month and has been flying by! I finally got around to taking pictures of our (pretty-much-put-together) apartment! We live in a 580 sq. ft. studio in Waikiki. It was a challenge to figure out how everything was going to fit, but I think we did a pretty good job! Enjoy the tour! =)

This place is finally feeling like home!


Happy February!

Happy February! It is hard to believe that the first month of the year has already come and gone! January was one crazy month for us, let me tell you! I'm hoping that this next month is one that feels a little more "normal" and that we can start to establish a routine. 

Given the fact that we are STILL jobless... ugh... I had to get creative with my Valentines decor. I gathered a few items I had lying around and this is what I came up with!

Wishing you a month full of happiness and LOVE!