Is it too Early for Some Spring Cleaning?!?

What do I choose to do on my day off? ORGANIZE! When we moved into our apartment I tried to be thoughtful about where things were placed, but there were a few cabinets and drawers that just didn't get the time and love that they needed. After opening those drawers and {forcing} them closed over and over I decided "enough was enough!" 

First, I tackled the bathroom sink cabinet. Our bathroom has very little storage and I was not making the best of what we do have. Our clean towels had been sitting {shamefully} folded on top of our dresser, simply because I didn't know where to put them! 

Next, I tackled the two drawers in our "hallway" desk. This involved throwing away a bunch of junk mail and other miscellaneous papers. 

Whew! Much better! =) Do you like to organize? Show me your pictures on instagram! #allthingshomespun 


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