Easter Egg Dying!

This Easter will officially be the first holiday that my husband and I have spent alone since we've been married, and being all the way in Hawaii, it's sadly something that we will have to get used to. =( Even though our celebration will be small, I still wanted to be as festive as possible! I knew that I wanted to dye eggs, but also knew that there was no way Josh and I would be able to eat a dozen boiled eggs before they'd go bad... The solution??? We dyed raw eggs! Now we have a dozen BEAUTIFUL eggs that we can use throughout the week just like we would normal fresh eggs! 

Have you dyed your eggs yet? I'd love to see how you did yours! Show me on instagram @allthingshomespun !



Crafty Container! #1 - Q-tip Holder

Lately my "new thing" is to bake homemade bread on a weekly basis. {It's just sooooo goooood!} I searched high and low for yeast sold unpackaged, but had no luck. Since I wasn't able to buy it in bulk, I decided the second best option was to buy it in a glass container.  Before I just throw something in the recycling bin I like to see if I can find a way to reuse it myself! Lucky for me, the amber glass worked perfect with some other pieces I had in my bathroom, so I turned the empty yeast jar into a Q-tip holder!

Have you saved a "crafty container" and used it for something else instead of throwing it away or recycling it? I'd love to see! Show me on instagram at #allthingshomespun !



Spring Style by Olive.

A few weeks ago I broke down and bought Olive a pink collar. It was on sale for $5.00, and quite honestly, I was tired of everyone thinking that she was a boy... ALL.THE.TIME! Every day we would walk her we would hear, "Wow! That's a big boy!" or "How old is he?" Although Olive IS a girl, I have never really liked her in pink, so this plain pink collar was kind of driving me nuts. I had some ribbon lying around {that I bought on clearance around Christmastime!} and decided it would be a nice {and cheap!} way to add some color! 

I hope you are as excited for Spring as I am! If you've transformed a boring dog or cat collar into something fabulous show me on Instagram! {#allthingshomespun} I'd love to see! =)