Crafty Container! #1 - Q-tip Holder

Lately my "new thing" is to bake homemade bread on a weekly basis. {It's just sooooo goooood!} I searched high and low for yeast sold unpackaged, but had no luck. Since I wasn't able to buy it in bulk, I decided the second best option was to buy it in a glass container.  Before I just throw something in the recycling bin I like to see if I can find a way to reuse it myself! Lucky for me, the amber glass worked perfect with some other pieces I had in my bathroom, so I turned the empty yeast jar into a Q-tip holder!

Have you saved a "crafty container" and used it for something else instead of throwing it away or recycling it? I'd love to see! Show me on instagram at #allthingshomespun !


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