Crafty Container! #2 - Homemade Cleaner Reborn

A little over a year ago I posted {See Recipe Here} about how I was going to start using homemade cleaner instead of store bought. I kept it up for a while, but then things got busy. We graduated from college, moved twice in 6 months, arrived in Hawaii with little time and little resources, and homemade cleaner was quite honestly the furthest thing from my mind during it all. In a rush to get our new apartment clean and in move-in condition, I broke down and bought "the bad stuff." Well, it's been almost three months and I am ready to go back to homemade! Although I loved my homemade cleaner before, I was still unhappy about storing it in a plastic bottle. I looked high and low for a glass spray bottle, but had no luck. Then it dawned on me... "Would a spray bottle top fit on an empty vinegar bottle???"... and the plastic-free version of my homemade cleaner was born! I'm in love.

Have you saved a "crafty container" and used it for something else instead of throwing it away or recycling it? I'd love to see! Show me on instagram at #allthingshomespun !


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