Crafty Container #3 - Salt Dispensing Mason Jar

I try to buy most foods unpackaged and then store them in glass jars, but there are some things that {I hate to admit it} are easier to buy packaged. Salt is one of those things. Even though the salt already comes in a container that is perfectly capable of dispensing the salt, it isn't pretty - and all food products deserve to look their best, right?! =) 

This was my crafty solution to keeping the same functionality, but enhancing its look! 

And there you have it! Pretty salt! Haha. Am I crazy? Or do you think this is just as cool as I do??? 

Have you saved a "crafty container" and used it for something else instead of throwing it away or recycling it? I'd love to see! Show me on instagram at #allthingshomespun !

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