Here & Now.


Things have been awfully quiet here on the blog, haven't they? Sorry about that. The past month or so has been busy and kind of stressful, to be honest. I'm not sure exactly what caused it, but the past month I have just been feeling uninspired and discontent with things. I think I did the wrong thing and kept dwelling on the things I can't change, instead of nipping those thoughts in the butt, so it kind of got the best of me. BUT after many long talks with my wise husband, he has set me straight! He always helps me to focus on the GOOD and not the bad. This is an example of my thought process lately:

I'm SO tired of living in Waikiki. I'm tired of living in this tiny studio that has a new problem every other week. I want a house, with a yard, with a garden. I'm tired of working 40 hours a week and my husband and I rarely having the same days off...


I'm so thankful to be living in HAWAII. I need to remember that we are still in the very first stages of building our life here. We will not be in Waikiki forever. We will be moving out of this studio in 4 months. I am so grateful that my husband and I were able to find full time, well paying jobs, after moving over here. 

Really, life is good. I just got sidetracked a little bit. 

The other night, my husband said to me "We need to get out and take a walk around Waikiki. Lets enjoy and remember the good things about it!" So we did. And it was fun! Although it might not be my favorite part of this Island, it is where we are right now, and I am really going to start focusing on the "here and now" parts of life, because really, that's all we've got!

What do you do to make sure you enjoy the "here and now" parts of life? I'd love some advice! =)



  1. Hi Kalie, read your post and feel obligated to comment. I found you guys from your VLOG's on You Tube, so I kind of have an idea of what your experience has been like. You moved there for the same reason I am moving there, beach & weather! What you are going through is very normal. I moved far away from my home state a few years back and it took about a year before I finally felt like I belonged there. Made friends, learned where places were, and just became familiar with my new home, then I finally felt like it was home. Many people will tell you it takes at least a year. Hawaii might take longer. I say that because I visited Waikiki about 3 weeks ago just to search for a place to live. It was my first visit to Hawaii. After I checked into my room I was excited to go see the famous beach I had only dreamed about. I was shocked at first. The homeless everywhere, the sirens, the traffic, the noise, well you get the idea. I was disappointed and negative thoughts raced through my mind. The next morning I got up early grabbed some Java and went to the same area again. This time there were no sirens, loud music, traffic, or crowds. It was then I realized I was going to have to adapt JUST a bit more to make my moving experience a positive one. My point is you will find positives in everything if you try. Next time your on a walk look at that homeless person on the park bench and immediately think of your cute, clean, and dry studio. When you, Josh, and Olive go for your walks look around and think of all the people that would love to be in your shoes. Remember the first year or so is all stepping stones. Slow down enjoy life and be proud of what you have accomplished (which is a lot)! PS: It's still ok to have a bad day......"just chill don't dwell" ALOHA!

    1. Mike, thanks for the comment! What you said is so true. I am so thankful for where we are and the life we have, and know that compared to a lot of people I have nothing to complain about. Focusing on the good has really changed my perspective! I am going to try to enjoy these last few months in our "tiny studio" the best I can. Good luck to you as you begin your adjustment here! Thanks again for the kind words!