Stuff I never buy... but did.

#1: I bit the bullet and PAYED to have my hair trimmed and colored. I do this umm... maybe once every two years!? I decided to go ombre. Like it? {And yes, I know I'm one million years behind on this trend, but I don't care.}

#2: DO YOU SEE THAT PERFUME? This is the perfume that I used to wear in high school. Yes, I typed that right. I have decided at the age of {almost} 25 to go back to my high school days. Hey, it's what I was wearing when the hubs and I fell in loooove and it's already brought back some good memories. Crazy how a smell can do that to ya. <3

#3: So, this might not be a big deal for most people, but I've always felt funny wearing lipstick. I do, however, want to start adding more color to this face of mine, and let's be honest, I'm waaaaay too lazy to put on eye shadow everyday. I mean, who has time for that? So, lips it is! Hopefully I can manage to smudge some of this stuff on in the mornings.

And there you have it! Stuff that I never usually buy, but did.

What are some unusual {for you} things that ended up in your shopping bag this week? 

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