Finding Fall

This is my first Fall in Hawaii, and I've been bracing myself for it. I love living here, but I'll admit that part of me misses the "change in weather" that I'm used to. Living in a place that {pretty much} has the same weather year-round has many pros, but for me, a few cons too. So, I've decided, if the outside isn't going to change, then the inside sure as heck will! 

Now, just FIY, I very regretfully left most of my Fall and Christmas decorations behind when we moved. Shipping is expensive, y'all! This meant that I was starting from scratch in the "decor" department and on a tight budget. Boo. 

So, my first plan of action was to RAID Bath and Body Works. Oh.My.Goodness.Gracious. I am a sucker for Fall scents and when I say "raid", I mean it. I settled on my two favorite scents - Cider Lane and Farmstand Apple. I even bought a "smelly thing" for the car, so it smells like fall in there too! Ha. Next I bought a few things at a craft store here in town, but that place was kind of pricey! Can I just make a shout-out to Michael's right now? {Michael's, I miss you and your coupons!!! Can you come to Hawaii please?} Lastly, I added some Fall colored M&M's and called it good! 

I really love this time of year and I am determined to convince myself that it is Fall over here in Hawaii. If that means sweating a little bit so I can wear my leather boots and a sweater or two, then so be it. =) 

Do the seasons change where you live? What's your favorite thing about Fall? 


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