Bumpdate! {Part Two}


The days following that positive test were a blur! We broke the news to our parents (they were all SO excited) and to other close family and friends. I called and made a doctors appointment and we talked about how long we would wait to make the news public. We both agreed that we couldn't wait the recommended twelve weeks. No way, Jose. (To those of you who wait/waited that long to tell... I tip my hat to you, because I am not good at keeping secrets!) We decided we would announce the news on Halloween, the day of my first doctors visit!

Up until the middle of my 5th week of pregnancy, I was like, "I've got this! I feel fine! Maybe I won't have any of those horrible symptoms that some women get. Man, I feel so bad for them." 


Right on cue, as I approached the 6th week, terrible things started to happen. My birthday, which fell smack-dab during this time, was my first real day of symptoms. That morning when I got out of bed, Josh had flowers waiting for me, had cooked me biscuits and gravy for breakfast (YUM!), and had orange juice and decaf coffee waiting for me. The problem? I couldn't eat it. It looked so good, and smelled so good, but I could not get down more than a few bites. This is when panic set in. "Oh, no, what is happening? This isn't suppose to happen to ME." Ha. So naive. 

It was a downward spiral from there. Later that day we decided to get out and do some birthday shopping, but for some reason THE MALL SMELLED WEIRD. I'm not joking. I couldn't handle the way the mall smelled, so we had to leave. We then tried to go to dinner at our favorite restaurant and I could barely make it through. I managed to eat more than I had a breakfast, but it was tough - and a real bummer for me. 

Weeks 6-9 have pretty much all looked the same. I have been nauseous 24/7 since October 23rd, with no day of relief in sight. 4 weeks of constant nausea, throwing up, no appetite WHATSOEVER, bad sleep, and working 40 hours a week, has done quite a number on me. Basically when I'm not at work, I'm in bed. I've been struggling to feel as happy and excited as I always thought I would be. I feel like I'm in survival mode - literally surviving each day just to be able to mark it off the calendar. Ugh. Can the first trimester be over yet? Please? Then again, I guess I'm not guaranteed that my symptoms will go away after week 12, but boy am I praying they do.

Here's a little glimpse of what the past 4 weeks have looked like in iphone photos:

Top Ramen and YouTube.
Trying to survive at work. If I eat one more Saltine I think I will die.
The work day is so miserable that sometimes on my lunch break I just lay in the car. =(
My mother-in-law bought me this ginger syrup to mix into drinks. It helps a little.
It's sad when taking two bites is considered a "success." It's also sad that I ate McDonalds. Oops.
No "baby-bump" yet, but my pants are too tight to button! Hair ties save the day! =)
We have our first ultrasound scheduled for this Friday (11/22) and I am REALLY looking forward to it. I think actually seeing that there is something growing and moving inside of me will make me realize that all of this suffering is worth it - there will be a prize at the end! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that everything will go well! We can't wait to see this little baby for the first time!!!


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  1. I am reliving my pregnancy through your blog. I SO pray that your nausea and sickness goes away quickly.
    You will fall in love when you see that little bean on the ultrasound. Enjoy every moment.