Bumpdate! {Week 14}

How far along: 14 weeks! (And 1 day... because this is late!)

Baby size: Baby is the size of a lemon, is 3.4 inches long, and weighs about 1.5 ounces!

Weight gain: I still don't have a scale at home, but I'm guessing I'm still about 4 pounds down from my starting weight. =( Eating is still a chore, so I doubt I've gained anything this week.  

Maternity clothes: I GOT SOME MATERNITY PANTS THIS WEEK! My mother-in-law bought them for me as an early Christmas gift and I LOVE them! They are so much more comfortable than the hair-tie-around-the-button-awkward-open-zipper-that-digs-into-you-when-you-sit-down thing I had going on for the past few weeks! I have three pair for now - dark skinny jeans, black skinny's for work, and a pair of olive green skinny's, which might be my fave! 

Stretch marks: Nope.

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty good lately - except for the fact that I stay up too late and then have to wake up too early - but that's just my fault! I'm pretty tired during the day and always think "tonight I'm going to bed early!" but it never happens. Oops.

Gender: Well... we officially have a girls name... like a first AND middle name... so does that mean we will have a boy? Haha. If so, we don't have a CLUE what we will be naming him!  

Best moment this week: Probably the maternity pants! Seriously, they're awesome.  

Looking forward to: Going a FULL week without throwing up. I was REALLY close this week, but then on the day that I tuned 14 weeks, BAM. I threw up and spent an awful day on the couch feeling miserable. WHY? WHY???

Movement: Not yet! Well, do gas bubbles count? Ha.

Food cravings: Bleh. No. Well, I guess I did go out to buy a pineapple and a watermelon this week and both tasted pretty good when I ate them, so maybe that was a craving?  

Anything making you sick or queasy: Yes. Still, mostly everything.

Symptoms: Nausea, vomiting, CRAZY headaches, indigestion, and back pain. This baby is just not letting me off the hook! 

Missing: (Still) My appetite! I just want food to be enjoyable again! 

Belly Button in or out: In.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Mood: I felt like I was pretty positive this week! (Excluding my horrible day yesterday. I had a full on pity party for myself.) I am still nauseous all day, every day, but it is nowhere near how bad it used to be. I can actually walk around in public and think about things other than "Okay... where is the nearest trash can/door/bathroom where I can throw up if I need to...", so that's been nice. 

Nursery: Well, I know that our baby will be sharing a room with us, because we only have one bedroom, so I've been on the hunt (online) for a "smaller-than-normal" crib and I think I found the perfect one! This crib is smaller than a standard crib, can wheel around, and can fold up if needed! I think I'm in love! I want to create a cute little "nursery nook" in our room, but plan on wheeling the crib to the side of our bed at night, so I think this would work great!   

Work outs: This week I had more physical activity than I've gotten in a while. Our living situation is a bit confusing, but to make a long story short, we have moved into a one bedroom condo that my mother-in-law was living in and now she is in the process of moving into a two bedroom condo in the next building over. So, this week was a lot of packing/unpacking and moving things around. Don't worry! I didn't lift anything heavy, but I did a lot of bending over, unpacking, and organizing this week! 

Well, that's it for my 14 week update! It feels so good to be this far along and I hope and pray it gets better as time goes. I absolutely CANNOT wait to find out if our little baby is a boy or a girl!!! We have scheduled the ultrasound for January 24th, so one month to go! See you all next week! 


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