Bumpdate! {Week 15}

How far along: 15 weeks! 

Baby size: Baby is the size of an apple, is 4 inches long, and weighs about 1.75 ounces!

Weight gain: I still don't have a scale at home, but I'm guessing I'm still about 4 pounds down from my starting weight. Eating is still a chore, but I don't think I've lost any more weight, which is good.

Maternity clothes: I've been wearing my maternity pants EVERY DAY and I'm loving them!

Stretch marks: Nope.

Sleep: Sleep has been okay. I have been having a lot of back pain and am finding it harder to find a comfortable position. I spend the night shifting from my left side to my back, then back to my left side...

Gender: We are getting SOOO close! We have our "big ultrasound" scheduled with my doctor for January 24th, but just knowing that we could find out sooner than that is REALLY tempting me! I'll admit I'm looking into paying to have done earlier! =) 

Best moment this week: I felt pretty good on Christmas Day and it was so nice to just relax and eat a decent amount of food! I still wish I could have eaten more, but I'll take whatever I can get right now!    

Looking forward to: I have officially gone a WHOLE week without throwing up and I HOPE I'm past that stage!!! Did I just jinx myself???

Movement: I don't think so... it's still too early, right? I have felt a lot of "rumbling" in my tummy, but I don't think any of it is from the baby yet. I can't wait for that, though! 

Food cravings: Not really. I still turn to chocolate pudding when I need a snack, but I'm still not craving anything. I did eat a bazillion cutie oranges this week, which I think helped me when I was feeling really nauseous.   

Anything making you sick or queasy: Yes. Still, mostly everything.

Symptoms: Nausea, CRAZY headaches, indigestion, and back pain. This baby is just not letting me off the hook! 

Missing: (Still) My appetite! I just want food to be enjoyable again! 

Belly Button in or out: In.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Mood: This week was a pretty good week for me! It's crazy how your definition of feeling "good" can change so much when you're pregnant. If I were just my normal, non-pregnant self, I would probably be saying that I feel awful, but compared to how I felt weeks 6-13 of my pregnancy, I am feeling good! I'm just happy to be able to focus on things other than trying not to throw up. 

Nursery: Well, I know that our baby will be sharing a room with us, because we only have one bedroom, so I've been on the hunt (online) for a "smaller-than-normal" crib and I think I found the perfect one! This crib is smaller than a standard crib, can wheel around, and can fold up if needed! I think I'm in love! I want to create a cute little "nursery nook" in our room, but plan on wheeling the crib to the side of our bed at night, so I think this would work great!   

Work outs: This week I had more physical activity than I've gotten in a while. Our living situation is a bit confusing, but to make a long story short, we have moved into a one bedroom condo that my mother-in-law was living in and now she is in the process of moving into a two bedroom condo in the next building over. So, this week was a lot of packing/unpacking and moving things around. Don't worry! I didn't lift anything heavy, but I did a lot of bending over, unpacking, and organizing this week! 

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