Bumpdate + Life Update! {Week 21}

Where do I start? It has been WAY too long since my last update and so much has happened in the five weeks since I last wrote! Sorry about that.

I gave the weekly "Bumpdates" a break for a while, partially because I was lazy busy, and partially because they were all kind of sounding the same to me. (Example: (Q) Anything making you nauseous or queezy? (A) YES. EVERYTHING.) <--- And that was how it went, week after looong week. 

BUT, (and I made that a really big "but" because this is a huge deal) I am finally at the point where the nausea is almost completely gone! It took 20 weeks people. When I look back, I seriously question how I lived through it. Those where probably the hardest weeks of my life, no joke. I am SO thankful to be past that part of pregnancy. Sure, now I am experiencing new symptoms like back/hip/leg pain and not being able to sleep, but I would take those over nausea & vomiting ANY DAY. 

About a week and a half ago, we went in for our 20 week ultrasound! I have to admit that I was nervous for this one. Despite everyone saying "Why are you worried? You're young and healthy! She's going to be fine!", I know that that isn't how this whole thing works. I know young, healthy people who have been faced with a diagnosis for their child that they weren't expecting - so I was nervous. 

We went into the dark room and we were able to see our sweet little Scout up on the big screen! She was so cute moving all around, giving the doctor good views of all that he needed to see. It was also confirmed that she is still a SHE! Haha. Since we had found out right at 16 weeks, they just wanted to be sure! ;) Everything looked perfect and we could not be more grateful. I will never take having a healthy baby for granted. 

Isn't she adorable? We're so in love. =)


A few days ago, Josh and I had a day off together and we decided to make the drive up to North Shore! This is one of our favorite things to do and we don't do it often enough. Although the weather was pretty gloomy, we didn't let that stop us! 

Of course we had to stop at the food trucks for lunch! Josh got his garlic shrimp from Giovanni's Shrimp Truck and I ordered a DELICIOUS fried fish Po-boy sandwich with sweet potato fries from a Cajun shrimp truck called "Dat Cajun Guy"! (Josh was jealous of my lunch and will definitely be trying the fried shrimp Po-boy the next time we're up there!) 

After finishing our lunch, we ordered some fresh beignets to-go and headed to the beach! 

This time we didn't get in the water, but just sitting there watching the waves was all we needed. 

Before being chased off of the beach by the rain, Josh was able to snap these quick pics of the growing belly! I feel like I finally "look" pregnant! =)

We are blessed all around - to call this place home, to have a healthy baby on the way - life is good. 


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