A "Lixit" for Olive.

Our pup, Olive, definitely has a mind of her own, and doesn't hesitate to let us know how she feels... about EVERYTHING. It has been fun discovering her personality over the past 5 years, and let me tell you, she has been HERSELF from day one. 

At night, she likes to be "tucked in" with her blanket covering her. Her favorite "treat" in the whole-wide-world is a slice of an apple - or the whole thing, if I would let her have it. (She literally has the sound of the knife cutting through the apple MEMORIZED and will come running into the kitchen before I can even finish getting all the way through.) She cannot hear music or clapping - or see someone dancing - without running to grab a toy. She cannot watch stressful situations on TV without crying. (The show Wipeout puts her in a full on panic, and it's pretty hilarious.) Oh yeah... one more thing. 

She refuses to drink water out of a bowl. Like, will.not.do.it.

Really, I don't blame her. I mean, GAH-ROSS! The water gets dirty so fast and it all just seems so unsanitary, am I right?! When she was smaller, and was being crate trained, we were able to attach a Lixit Water Bottle to the side of her "room", as we called it, and she was as happy as could be! Now that she's older, and we no longer crate her at night or when we leave, I was stumped on what to do with it. What was I going to attach it to? It took some creative thinking, but I think I have finally created the perfect thing to hold her beloved water bottle! 

Behold, my creation! 

Below is a diagram of how I made this little contraption! It was CRAZY easy and I spent under $10.00 on the whole thing! 

The best part? Olive definitely approves! 

Do you have a picky pet? I'd love to hear the funny things that your furry family member likes and dislikes! 


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  1. That's really funny she won't drink from a bowl. Our two bullies will drink pretty much anything, from pretty much anywhere: the gutter, a puddle, and probably the toilet if they could reach :-)